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About LedgerBox

Meet the team behind LedgerBox

Meet the Team at LedgerBox

Welcome to LedgerBox, where we use AI to automate document processing. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for businesses worldwide.


Sean Lawton

LedgerBox founder - Sean Lawton

What We Do

At LedgerBox, we specialize in automating document processing with AI and computer vision. Our cutting-edge technology allows for the conversion of PDF bank statements, invoices, and receipts into CSV and Excel formats, making data handling more efficient and accurate.

Our Services

  • Bank Statements: Our AI models work with thousands of banks globally, extracting critical data like transactions, dates, and amounts from bank statements.
  • Invoices: We automate invoice processing, capturing essential details such as invoice numbers, dates, and amounts.
  • Receipts: Our technology simplifies expense tracking by scanning and processing receipts to extract dates, amounts, and more.

Our Commitment

  • Security: We prioritize the highest security standards, ensuring all data is encrypted and secure connections are used.
  • Precision: Our converters are constantly tested and improved for maximum accuracy.
  • Scalability: Leveraging cloud infrastructure, we guarantee availability and capacity to handle any load.

Getting Started

New users can try our service with 10 free page conversion credits, with no credit card required. For those who need more, we offer a variety of paid plans.

Visit Us

Find us at 13060 W Bluemound Rd, Elm Grove, WI 53122.

Join us in redefining document processing with AI at LedgerBox!

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